Are we really blind!!

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Many of us in life have allowed our selves to see only one aspect or our problems. In most cases we have so many issues and not even notice God dancing all through our unawareness. You have to change your view. Ask God to show you something different, and strengthen our awareness. It is hard to see one thing, when you are still stuck focusing on the other thing, its called Intentional Blindness



Mother Reunited With Her Baby She Thought Died In Earthquake

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“I had thought Landina was dead and when I heard she was alive I was in shock,”

 “Marie Miracle Seignon is reunited with her daughter Landina at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London six months after the baby was pulled from the rubble of the Haiti earthquake.  Doctors said the January earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands in the Caribbean island nation actually saved Landina’s life.”  

 “Last December, a house fire caused by candles left Landina seriously injured and suffering burns to her skull.  She was undergoing treatment at La Trinite hospital in the capital when the devastating temblor struck and was buried in the rubble for two days.  When Landina was pulled from the debris, she was moved to a field hospital run by Doctors Without Borders. Her right arm was badly injured in the quake and had to be amputated.”

Lorenzen Wright shot and killed at 34.

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On Monday, we mentioned the mysterious disappearance of former NBA journeyman Lorenzen Wright (notes). The 34-year-old Wright, who last played in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2009, had been missing from his Smyrna, Tenn., home since July 18.
Unfortunately, news broke Wednesday afternoon that Wright’s body had been found. From Eyewitness News in Memphis.
Memphis police are investigating the body of a man who was found in Southeast Memphis and a source tells Eyewitness News that is Lorenzen Wright.
According to sources, the body was found in the wooded area of Hacks Cross and Winchester Road. The source has updated Eyewitness News saying, Lorenzen Wright had been shot multiple times and it does not appear to be suicide.
Obviously, nothing will be made official until police completes its investigation, but no matter the official findings, this is terrible. Not only was Lorenzen Wright way, way, way too young to die, he leaves behind six children. Just terrible.



How God works…..In me

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I fell asleep last night watching a church dvd. It was about relationships, so i figured I would watch it with the person I am in a relationship with. She was sleep before I was. So when I woke up the next morning. No when God woke me up the next morning, I headed straight to the computer and turned on to There it was, what i’ve been missing all my life, well thus far. So I woke her up and we watched it together and the topic was about stretching yourself to please God. So ask yourself, “Who did I listen to in all my life time?” Sometimes we misunderstand conversations that we have with others. A 5 second convo, could alter 5 years of our lives, we think because of significance of our family and friends that its always ok to take in the advice that they give us. I  feel we have to look at the people who we associate with to see how they live their lives, all around the board to get at least a better understanding of where they are coming from. He went also on to talking about friendships, and how real friendships are evaluated once you go through a crisis . Crisis being the easy way out. Most bad friends are gone. The ones that mean the most to you and are the best will be there, unconditionally. “If you haven’t given things that are needed then what have you done?” Its a strong saying because we always give to those who do not need. Though it may look like some things are needed (ie. Homeless people change) that  may not be the perfect thing that that single individual may need. So we have now given out of our own digression, not Gods. Just somethings that ran across my mind. I now understand that my journey has been what has been for a reason. Most people say this and not understand it, with wisdom and knowledge of why they say it. I hope someone reads this and if one person is some what touched by it then I am satisfied. God bless

PS: Tune in to on tues @ 7pm est/ sun 8 or 11am est for service “Awesome!!”


Are you in the right mind-state?

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Whats the right mind-state??

Lately ive been in this mind-state that my life is beginning to make this great change and ive been going everyday with the platinum ideas. and writing them down on paper so i can make them g-thangs come to life…But what im saying is. is weed makes you think alot, a whole i just come on here and tell yall how i feel. even though i just started this blog and nobody listens i dont care, cuz i so back to my story lol..but foreal though i am in a new mind state to where i always keep coming up with my true destiny avenues thats goin to peice this thing together for me. i WANT EVERYBODY TO FEEL THE SAME WAY…WE ARE GREAT PPL AND IM IN A GREAT MIND-STATE TO TELL YOU ALL THIS. DANG I JUST LOOKED UP AND I WAS TYPING ALL CAPS..LOL AND I STILL AM..ok so just be cool yall and be better than you were yesterday tomorrow, but be the best..oh! i forgot ive been truly living in the “now’ and i know because i just seemed like i forgot i dont seem like im living in the now. but i was actually. so since ive been in the now alot of things im starting to open up to and broaden my thinking..this is getting you photography..but you get the point, make it happen period. oh my nigg london would of said #ACTION!!!

Shoot-Out on Oakland ave between OPD and a single man!!!

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This man was not playin!!!!

OAKLAND – An active investigation into a late-night gunbattle on Interstate 580 between a lone man and California Highway Patrol officers has forced a hard closure between several exits early Sunday, authorities said.
Traffic is expected to return to westbound lanes of Interstate 580 by 3 p.m., according to a CHP Sig-alert update just before 11 a.m. Sunday.
The driver, identified only as a 45-year-old white male with a listed address in Groveland in Tuolumne County, wore body armor and carried at least one handgun and several rifles. The man was shot several times and was taken by ambulance to Highland Hospital, where he was listed early Sunday in stable condition, said CHP officer Sam Morgan.
The shooting was first reported just after midnight, when a CHP officer radioed for assistance saying “that someone was shooting at one of their officers,” according to Oakland police dispatch supervisor
Shortly before midnight, CHP officers spotted a white Toyota truck westbound on Interstate 580 just west of the 14th Avenue/Park Boulevard exit that was speeding and weaving from lane to lane, according to Morgan.
Officers hailed the truck via public-address system to leave the highway at Lakeshore Avenue, but it finally stopped just west of Grand Avenue.
“As one of our officers approached the vehicle, he saw the driver reach for a handgun,” Morgan said. “The officer retreated to his car.”
As CHP officers arrived to offer backup, the truck driver opened up with gunfire and traded rounds with officers for several minutes. After a brief attempt to leave the truck, he was hit by several police bullets.
The incident forced Caltrans to close westbound Interstate 580 at the 14th Avenue/Park Boulevard exit and eastbound I-580 at Harrison Street. Drivers are advised to avoid the highway, Morgan said.



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I have alot to say about many different things. The question lies…who wants to hear it. Is it because I am not on national television acting a fool? Or some crooked politician saying that I will lower taxes? At the end of the day what needs to be said is being said. Just listen.